Meaning of Dismantle in English

Meaning of Dismantle in English

The etymological origin of the verb to dismantle is in Old French to dismantle. This term, in turn, derives from two Latin words: dis (“des-“) and mentellum (which can be translated as “tablecloth” or “veil”).

The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary refers to the destruction of the existing fortifications around a square. The concept also refers to the demolition or closure of any type of construction with the aim of suspending or canceling its activities. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to Dismantle.

For example: “The workers are on alert since the owner of the company began to dismantle the facilities”, “The economic crisis forced me to dismantle the factory”, “The authorities announced that they are going to dismantle the prison and then demolish the building and build a park.

If a merchant, for any reason, decides to close his premises, he will have to dismantle it. This means removing furniture and infrastructure: chairs, tables, computers (computers), etc. Once the place is empty, it can be said that it was dismantled.

Among the synonyms of dismantling, therefore, are abandoning, disarming, uninhabiting and even destroying. On the contrary, words such as fix, build, lift, supply or replace, among others, are antonyms of said term.

Dismantling is also linked to disorganizing or dismantling something. The police can report that they managed to dismantle a gang of criminals since they captured five of its members, including the one who is designated as their leader or boss. In this case, the dismantling is associated with the impossibility of the band in question to continue operating. In the field of sport, there is talk of dismantling a team when the group loses its main figures or most of its members.

With some frequency the news is known that the police or any other force and security body has proceeded to dismantle a criminal gang. Specifically, among the most common are gangs related to drug trafficking and even human trafficking. In this way, illegal and criminal activities that seriously endanger not only the well-being of society but also and above all that of their victims are put to an end.

At the political level, the term in question is also widely used. A good example of this is that, for example, in Spain the VOX party includes in its program its project to dismantle the public pension system. Specifically, its objective is to convert this aforementioned system into a mixed one, where half of what the current contributions are would go to be part of privately managed funds.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as the dismantling of nuclear facilities. It is a process that consists of dismantling nuclear power plants, which means that, in addition to the traditional measures in a procedure of this case, special measures must be carried out given the danger of the radioactive materials with which they operate.