Meaning of Dossier in English

Meaning of Dossier in English

The term dossier, which comes from the French dossier, refers to a report that compiles data on a certain topic. It is a document used to present information.

For example: “The journalist presented a dossier before the Justice that could be very valuable for the ongoing investigation”, “As part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, the company produced a dossier on its history ”, “The president received last week a dossier on the situation in the Middle East made by his advisers in international politics”.

It is important to mention that dossier, with two S, is also accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). That is why the notion can be found written as a dossier or dossier.

A press kit is an instrument used in the field of public relations with the aim of providing information to journalists. A company can prepare a press kit so that, when a journalist wishes to publish something about the company, he or she finds data of interest to the company in the document (corporate history, authorities, etc.).

The press kit has a variable length according to the needs of the organization that prepares it. Ideally, journalists have access to all the information they need quickly: therefore, if the dossier is very long, it loses its usefulness or becomes confusing.

Beyond a broad dossier by way of presentation, specific dossiers can also be developed on the holding of an event, the launch of a product or other events.

Tips for creating an impressive dossier

We can all access the theory about how to create a dossier and follow the step-by-step instructions to find a “correct” document. However, rarely does one come into our hands that generates an impact on us, that we remember even several days and weeks after having looked at it. This should be the objective of every person or company when creating a dossier. According to Abbreviationfinder, DTC stands for Dossier to China.

The first piece of advice for creating an impressive dossier is to think that it will be read by only one person, even if this is not true. The objective is to give it a personalized character, which makes each reader believe that the document has been created to measure for him and not that it is a pamphlet that will be distributed indiscriminately.

The length is one of the most delicate and determining parameters in this type of document: if it is too long, we run the risk that hardly anyone will read it completely, and if it is too short, it may seem to have been done in a hurry. Finding the balance is not easy, but with experience we will find that magic number of pages that we can use as a reference for our future dossiers.

It goes without saying that the content of a dossier is one of its essential aspects, but it is not enough to choose the right information; the secret is to organize it in a way that is attractive and easy to read. Some of the essential points, which should appear in almost every dossier, are the history, the motive, the results, the methods and the opinions of others.

Let’s remember that each article must be short but forceful, and we must write them using clear and direct language, but at the same time fun and with its own character.

Undoubtedly, the photographs in the dossier must be of quality. And this does not only mean that they have a good resolution and rich colors, but that they have been made by a true artist. Saving in this department can have a very negative impact on the impact of the project.