Meaning of Feeding in English

Meaning of Feeding in English

Feeding is the intake of food by organisms to get the necessary nutrients and thus obtain energy and achieve a balanced development.

Feeding is the action and effect of feeding or feeding, that is, it is a process through which living beings consume different types of food to obtain from them the necessary nutrients to survive and perform all the necessary day-to-day activities.

However, there is a diversity of similar or similar words, in the case of nutrition, food, nutrients are words that have to do with the term of food but are not synonyms, therefore, they do not mean the same.

Nutrition is the process by which, after feeding, the body searches for nutrients in the food consumed to transform them into energy to survive and subsist; instead, food refers to the process of consuming the foods that will then provide nutrients to the organism.

Balanced food

Balanced food, known as complete or healthy food, is one that contains one food from each food group and is ingested in appropriate portions according to weight, size, sex.

The food groups are classified into 5 categories: carbohydrates, proteins, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and, finally, fats and sugars. The food groups are usually represented in the nutritional pyramid or food pyramid.

The human being should not forget that a balanced or complete diet results in a list of benefits such as: minimum chances of developing diseases, cholesterol control, reduces the risk of heart problems, reduces blood pressure, improves the immune system, among others .

Eating disorders

Feeding is a fundamental process in the growth, balance and development of living beings, but when there is a wrong way of feeding, problems arise, which can cause damage to health and in the development of a common and ordinary life.

In reference to the above, there are different types of eating disorders, among which we can list the following:

  • Obesity: which is a chronic disease, which generates accumulation of large amounts of fat in the body, this disease can be generated by the high consumption of foods rich in saturated fats, which are difficult to digest by the body, this also added to the sedentary lifestyle, understood as the lack of performance of exercises by a person.
  • Bulimia: it is an eating disorder, which is that a person consumes a high amount of high-calorie foods in a very short period, after that and, because of the guilt, the person decides to eliminate these foods from his body causing vomiting.
  • Anorexia: it is also an eating disorder, but unlike bulimia, no food is consumed or consumed very little, due to the feeling of being overweight that a person can have, although in most cases, people suffering from This disease is not overweight but instead lacks weight and muscle mass.

Anorexia and bulimia can be treated with psychologists specialized in the subject and with the respective treatment or psychotherapy, while obesity can be treated with a balanced diet, exercising the body and of course controlling the consumption of high-calorie foods.

It is always advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet that allows our body to function properly and not have excesses of any kind, to prolong the life time as well as the quality of life of people, you must eat to live and not live to eat

Types of food

The types of food vary in relation to living being, we have:

  • Human food, is that made by the human being, and this as other animals depends on the environment that surrounds it to get the necessary nutrients to survive, therefore you can consume: vegetables, as well as meat from other animals,
  • Animal feeding, refers to animals, depend on one or more different species for nutrition, therefore, it is claimed that animals are heterotrophic. Depending on the diet of an animal you can identify where it is within the food chain, since if it is herbivorous or carnivorous we can say if it has a predator or prey condition, since its feeding can determine its animal behavior and,
  • Plant foods are identified to plants, on the contrary animals can synthesize organic compounds from mineral salts and solar energy, thanks to the process of photosynthesis, they are known as autotrophs.

Power supply

In the area of ​​computing, there is the term power supply, known as a power source, it is a component of the computer in which it is responsible for transforming an alternating current into a continuous electric current, necessary for the proper functioning of computers and other devices.