Meaning of Fellowship in English

Meaning of Fellowship in English

What is Fellowship?

The fellowship is the attitude of those who accompany and support each other to achieve some end. Fellowship is also called this kind of bond between partners, as well as the situation of harmony and good correspondence between them.

The word, as such, is made up of the word companion, which comes from the Latin companĭa, and the suffix -ism, which indicates attitude.

Fellowship is a feeling of unity that arises between the members of a group or a human community. It is based on values ​​such as kindness, solidarity, respect and trust, and on feelings such as friendship and empathy. As such, it is practiced with reciprocity, that is, with each other.

Companionship is essential for coexistence and social life. It is put into practice when we help a partner with something, when we get involved in a task or group project, or when we offer our unconditional support in difficult times.

Thus, fellowship facilitates teamwork, fosters the spirit of group unity, and provides us with many satisfactions in our relationship with our peers. It can be seen in areas of our daily life, from school to work, and fundamentally in the practice of group sports.

A football team is a good example of camaraderie when its elements work based on collaboration, trust and mutual support on the field of play to achieve their goals, which are to neutralize and beat the rival. In addition, a team where there is camaraderie will work better on the field and will be more efficient and compact facing the opponent.

Many important factors intervene in the formation of the spirit of companionship: respect and trust among its elements, the possibility of being able to reach agreements, to compromise, to dialogue and listen.

Synonyms of companionship, on the other hand, would be camaraderie, friendship, or complicity.

In English, fellowship could be translated in different ways: fellowship , comradeship , camaraderie , companionship , or friendship .

What is Fellowship