Meaning of Fitness in English

Meaning of Fitness in English

Fitness is the development of conditional and coordinative abilities to improve physical performance through exercise.

Fitness is important, as it increases the physical abilities of the individual helping to maintain a healthy and stronger body.

General fitness is necessary for any type of physical activity, as it improves performance and maintains physical and mental well-being.

Fitness is characterized by its preparation and development exercises for the following aspects:

  • Resistance: helps to support a greater physical load for a longer time thus delaying premature fatigue.
  • Strength: move and support more mass.
  • Flexoelasticity: flexibility and elasticity in the muscles and greater mobility in the joints helps to protect them against injuries and help them to have a greater range of movements.
  • Speed: travel a distance in a smaller amount of time.
  • Coordination: necessary to move effectively.
  • Balance: linked to coordination, prevents the body from losing control.

In physical education, fitness exercises should be guided by a professional to avoid injuries and help the individual determine their current physical capacity for continuous improvement.

Warming up are the exercises prior to any physical conditioning. Flexibility exercises are the most common and help the muscles to stretch avoiding injuries due to lack of elasticity.