Meaning of Foreign Trade in English

Meaning of Foreign Trade in English

What is foreign trade?

Foreign trade is one that refers to the set of transactions of a commercial and financial nature, which involves the exchange of goods and services between a particular country with other countries or nations.

Foreign trade involves the sale or export and the purchase or import of products, goods or services, from one country to another.

The objective of foreign trade is to satisfy consumer demand for certain products.

The import occurs when, to meet domestic demand for a country, certain products should be bought out, either because they are scarce or non – existent in the country, either because its production is cheaper or better quality in another country.

The exports, meanwhile, is when a country manages to produce a certain product with great value or quality, or with a higher margin of profitability allowed to sell to other countries.

Trade between countries is achieved by promoting cooperation agreements where companies and governments of each country are involved to promote trade relations.

Commercial exchanges at the international level, however, are subject to a set of rules, treaties, agreements or conventions between the States, in which governments, companies and the respective legislation intervene.

Foreign trade is essential for the vitality of the economy and to cover the demand of the respective markets. Furthermore, it improves competitiveness, strengthens small and medium-sized industries and promotes production chains, all of which lead to well-being and quality of life for citizens.

Likewise, foreign trade is a source of foreign currency income to the country, which in turn implies the generation of wealth.

Also, as foreign trade or, sometimes, as foreign trade and customs, it is called a university degree where you are instructed on the set of theories and regulations that govern international trade.

Foreign trade or international trade

Foreign trade and international trade are not exactly the same thing. The foreign trade, for example, is one that is seen from the perspective of a country that carries out commercial transactions (buying and selling goods and products) with one or more other countries.

The trade, however, offers a more global perspective in this regard, since it refers to the set of commercial transactions (imports and exports) that take place between different countries, regions, continents or economic blocs.

What is foreign trade