Meaning of Graduate Management Admission Test in English

Meaning of Graduate Management Admission Test in English

According to topbbacolleges, GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test.

Why are GMAT scores getting higher and higher?

In the last 5 years the average GMAT among top B-Schools has grown making them much more competitive.

For example, the Wharton School of Business reported a 14-point growth in its GMAT average since 2011 (from 718 to 732) Kellogg School of Management reported an increase of 12 points on average (from 712 to 724) The University of Michigan, however, registered the highest increase with a difference of 26 points between 2011 and today (from 638 to 634) And then why these increases in some cases so high?

Among these numbers we also find Stanford Graduate School of Business with an average of 733 in the GMAT result among its applicants, which, despite registering an increase of 6 points in its average, is still one of the most rigorous and with the lowest rate. acceptance among your candidates

So, are we seeing an evolution of the intelligence of MBA applicants?

Not necessarily, there are many variables that influence these results Our research when evaluating the acceptance rate by university did not give a significant increase, thus ruling out the correlation between the GMAT average and the acceptance rate of each business school However, the business schools we spoke with commented that a determining factor for this increase is competition.

Top universities also compete for talented candidates and those do so by giving more and more scholarship options for those students who demonstrate dexterity and mental ability on the GMAT as well as going through an arduous and complicated admissions process In other words, students are now more motivated than ever to raise those scores to obtain a scholarship in one of the top It is no longer just a matter of entering these competitive institutions, but seeing which one can provide the most comfortable financing for the candidate Here is the list of the universities that presented the highest increase in their GMAT averages:

School Five-Year Change Average 2016 GMAT Average 2011 GMAT
Michigan State (Broad) 26 664 638
Pennsylvania (Wharton) 14 732 718
Southern Methodist (Cox) 14 656 641
Northwestern (Kellogg) 12 724 712
North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) 12 701 689
UCLA (Anderson) 9 713 704
Washington (Foster) 8 688 675

The GMAT remains the quintessential test used by business schools as a proxy for a candidate’s performance during and after the program And so there are increasingly higher scores so that business schools become more competitive Only in Peru, the GMAT average has increased from 539 to 575 in the last 5 years, this is also due to the help of some specialized preparation centers for this exam such as Grad School Guru that have already helped hundreds of students to achieve your application goals.

GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test

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