Meaning of GRE in English

Meaning of GRE in English

According to Abbreviationfinder, GRE stands for Graduate Record Exam.

The GRE exam is required by a large number of universities in the United States as a prerequisite for admission to master’s and / or doctoral studies.

GRE test scores are used by universities and business schools to assess how ready students are to begin work at a master’s or doctoral level.

The GRE test has two versions: General and Specific.

Meaning of GRE in English


Evaluate three areas not associated with any specific subject:

  • Analytical writing: measures the candidate’s ability to think and write analytically, specifically to structure complex ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Verbal reasoning: measures the candidate’s reading, verbal and analytical comprehension skills, focusing on their ability to analyze and evaluate written material.
  • Quantitative reasoning: measures the candidate’s ability to solve problems based on the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

The Specific GRE exam measures the candidate’s knowledge in specific subjects or areas for admission to graduate programs. This exam may not be an admission requirement but it helps institutions assess the candidate’s knowledge in an area of ​​interest. Each exam is aimed at students with extensive knowledge in one of the following 8 disciplines:

  • Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computers / Systems
  • English Literature
  • Math
  • Physical
  • Psychology

The exam is valid for 5 years and the score range is from 130 to 170.


Specific: 2 hours 50 minutes.

General: 3 hours 45 minutes.


General: USD $ 205
Specific: USD $ 150


Registration is done through the page and payment is made only by credit card.


The reception of the results, as well as the payment and registration of the exam, are processes directly between ETS and the candidate through its website and in which the Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín does not has no interference.


It is important to remember that space is limited, therefore it is recommended to register at least three weeks before the exam date.


Check the dates directly on the ETS website, by clicking here and then on the option ‘View test centers, test dates and seat availability’.


Before registering for the exam, check with the institution requesting it for its validity. The Centro Colombo Americano is not responsible if you submit an invalid exam. Registration for the different exams is subject to the places available for each one.

The result of this examination is valid for five years