Meaning of Inferiority Complex in English

Meaning of Inferiority Complex in English

What is an inferiority complex?

The inferiority complex is the feeling that some people experience and for which they feel inferior or less capable than others.

The inferiority complex was raised and developed by the psychotherapist Alfred Adler at the beginning of the 20th century, founder of the school of individual psychology.

The inferiority complex refers to an advanced state of low self-esteem, avoidance of difficulties, insecurity and discouragement, as a result of having an erroneous image of who we are.

Inferiority complex symptoms

A person with the inferiority complex considers that their defects are greater than others’ and they forget that all human beings have strengths and weaknesses in different areas or activities that differentiate them and that, in general, no individual is superior or inferior to other.

For this reason, an individual with the inferiority complex feels, unconsciously, less intelligent and capable, considers that he has a low social and economic status, which is unattractive, among others. Consequently, it devalues ​​your abilities and strengthens the feeling of frustration .

A complex is a distorted image and idea that the individual has about himself that, although it is false, believes it to be true and acts under that parameter of inferiority and devaluation or, on the contrary, strives hard to demonstrate that it is not inferior to those around them.

Furthermore, those who experience the inferiority complex tend to do what others ask, without making any complaints, even if they do not agree with what they should do.

Inferiority complex factors

The inferiority complex can originate in childhood or adolescence in cases where children or adolescents have experienced verbal or physical mistreatment, have been treated with contempt or have been object of strong mockery, among others.

These situations can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem and emotional structure.

However, the psychologist Adler also mentioned that the education provided by parents at home may be one of the factors that generate the inferiority complex. Adler highlighted three types of education that are: highly authoritarian education, excessively consenting education and overprotective education.

Superiority complex

The superiority complex is an unconscious mechanism or response that the individual uses in order to counteract the inferiority complex, for this reason he takes positions or actions in which he exaggerates his abilities or qualities.

People who have a superiority complex tend to take arrogant, arrogant postures and attitudes, they are proud people who seek to be recognized at all times and often belittle others.

What is an inferiority complex