Meaning of Knocker in English

Meaning of Knocker in English

The knocker etymology leads us to classical Arabic, to a term that can be translated as “lizard”. A knocker is a metal element that is installed on a door so that a person can knock on it and thus announce their arrival. In their origins, the knockers used to have the shape of a reptile, hence its etymological root.

Historians indicate that knockers emerged in the Middle Ages. They generally consisted of an iron ring attached to a head made of bronze. The subject who came to a place and was with the door closed, could take the ring and hit it against the door. In this way, it caused a noise that was heard by those who were inside the place. The knockers also functioned as handles to open the door in question.

The knockers, over the years, began to become elements of great decorative and artistic value. Heads of animals and mythological figures were made, created with a great level of detail. Castles and churches in many countries had or have knockers on their doors.

It is necessary to underline, in addition, another series of curiosities or data of interest about the knockers, among which are, for example, that long ago had a very significant use. Specifically, centuries ago knockers became very important elements in churches and cathedrals. And it was that they were used by those most in need to ask religious for asylum.

Over time the knockers were losing popularity. Currently, knockers can still be seen in the cathedrals of Segovia (Spain) and Bayonne (France), among other buildings of historical importance.

In the same way, we cannot forget other relevant knockers such as, for example, those of the Arab door of the Castle of Daroca. This, which dates back to the 11th century, is preserved today in the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, which is based in Madrid. And that is not without overlooking the Carlos V Palace in Granada.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the knocker can also be the wooden or metal bar that allows securing a door once closed or the iron piece that is installed in a wall so that a cavalry can be attached to she.

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