Meaning of Success in English

Meaning of Success in English

The action and effect of hitting is called success. Getting right means hitting the right place, finding the right or right thing, finding the right answer, doing something as planned or finding what you wanted.

In this sense, as the correct solution or answer to a problem or question is known, among several options or possibilities: “His theory of relativity was a success at the time.”

As success is also called the action that succeeds or obtains the expected result: “It has been a success to invest in this business.”

Likewise, success is the skill or skill in what is executed. For example: “He is a player who dribbles defenders correctly.”

For its part, success can also mean prudence, tino or sanity: “At the meeting of partners, he chose his words with great success.”

The correct noun derives from the verb acertar, which is composed with the prefix a-, and the Latin word certum, which means ‘true thing’.

Synonyms of success can be tino or aim, skill or dexterity, success or fortune, sanity or prudence, among others. Antonyms are mistake, clumsiness, error or failure.

In English, the word success can be translated as correct answergood decision (success), skill (skill), success.