Meaning of Whispering in English

Meaning of Whispering in English

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term whisper, we are going to proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from an onomatopoeia, exactly from “cu chi chi”, and that it can be translated as “whisper in the ear”.

Whispering is called the act and the result of whispering : the action of speaking low or in the ear of a person so that the rest cannot hear. Whispering usually consists of criticism or rumours.

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For example: “The whispering from the first rows bothered the pianist”, “When the teacher entered the room, the whispering stopped”, “Despite the whispering, the governor decided to continue with his speech”.

There are several reasons that can lead to the generation of a whisper. It often occurs when speaking out loud is prohibited. In the middle of a theatrical play, to cite one case, the spectators cannot talk as this would threaten the development of the performance. Therefore, if they want to talk, they must whisper. The same happens in the middle of a class: if the students speak loudly, the teacher can sanction them. In this situation, the whisper arises.

There is also whispering when an individual wants to say something to another without third parties listening. Suppose that, at a party, three women start criticizing a fourth guest. So that the criticized person does not find out about her expressions, they have to whisper. If the whisper gets the attention of the abused woman and notices her expressions, she will most likely become angry and a conflict will ensue.

In a work meeting there can also be whispering among the employees, who do not want their boss to hear them. These workers may share with each other that they do not agree with a decision of their superior, but consider that they should not communicate it to him as it could be obfuscated.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the fact that whispering is a teaching method or technique that is used to work in class and even with work groups in companies. The objective is to know the opinion that the members of the activity have on a certain issue.

To do this, the person leading the session raises the issue about which they want to find out what they think. Next, she will bet on establishing that the people in the room speak in pairs about him in a low voice, that is, whispering.

After a reasonable time, whichever the director of the session considers, this dialogue between the attendees will end and the start of the sharing of ideas, opinions and impressions that have been obtained from these conversations as a couple will be established.

If the technique of whispering is used a lot at a didactic level, it is that the participants find it very amusing, it is entertaining and it allows them to easily know the opinions on a specific issue. In addition, it is simple, it favors the participation of all, it comes to stimulate the most timid people, it favors oral expression and allows results to be obtained in a short time, among other benefits.