Oxford County, Maine

Oxford County, Maine

According to liuxers.com, Oxford County is a county located in the state of Maine, United States. It was established on March 5th 1805 and is made up of twenty-four townships. The county seat is located in the city of Paris and its total population as of 2019 is 57,717 people.

The county covers an area of 1,841 square miles and has a population density of 31.2 people per square mile. Oxford County has a median household income of $50,955 and a poverty rate of 12%. The largest employers in the county are Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School District, Oxford Hills Technical School District, Norway Savings Bank, Stephens Memorial Hospital, and Walmart Inc.

Oxford County offers numerous recreational opportunities with its abundance of lakes and rivers for boating and fishing as well as camping areas for those wishing to explore the great outdoors. There are also several ski resorts including Sunday River Ski Resort which offers skiing all year long as well as snowboarding in the winter months. Other popular attractions include canoeing down the Androscoggin River or visiting the Bethel Village Museum which showcases local history from colonial times to present day.

Oxford County also offers many cultural events throughout the year including festivals such as Fryeburg Fair which takes place every October or Norway’s Winter Carnival which takes place in February each year. Additionally, there are several art galleries located throughout the county showcasing works from local artists as well as live music venues offering performances from both local and national acts throughout the year.

Oxford County provides residents with an abundance of outdoor activities to explore alongside cultural events that cater to anyone’s interests or hobbies making it a great place to live or visit.

Oxford County, Maine

History of Oxford County, Maine

Oxford County, Maine has a long and rich history that dates back to the mid-17th century. The area was first explored by French settlers who were looking for new opportunities in what is now known as Maine. In 1717, the Province of Massachusetts Bay granted lands in what is now Oxford County to a group of settlers from Andover, Massachusetts.

The first settlement was established in 1737 and named Fryeburg after the town of Fryeburg in England. By 1790, Oxford County had been officially established as one of the original counties in Maine with Fryeburg as its county seat. Soon after its establishment, townships such as Bethel, Norway and Paris were formed and began to develop rapidly over the next few decades.

During this time period, Oxford County saw an influx of immigrants from all over Europe who were looking for a better life in America. These immigrants brought with them unique cultures and traditions which helped shape the area into what it is today. Additionally, during this period several industry developments such as sawmills and grist mills were built which helped fuel economic growth throughout the county.

In 1861, Oxford County sent over 1,000 soldiers to fight for the Union Army during the Civil War which was one of its greatest contributions to American history. After World War II ended in 1945, Oxford County experienced an increase in population which led to more development throughout the region including schools, hospitals and businesses that continue to serve residents today.

Oxford County has a long and fascinating history that spans centuries and continues to shape how we live our lives today.

Major cities and towns in Oxford County, Maine

Oxford County, Maine is home to many cities and towns that offer a variety of unique experiences. The largest city in the county is Norway, with a population of approximately 5,000 residents. Norway is known for its vibrant downtown area which features a variety of shops and restaurants as well as an annual summer festival. Additionally, Norway is home to the Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce which helps promote local businesses and serves as a hub for entrepreneurs.

Another major city in Oxford County is Bethel, which has a population of around 3,000 people. Bethel is known for its outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and camping that can be enjoyed at nearby White Mountain National Forest. Additionally, Bethel has several cultural attractions including an opera house and museum that are popular among both locals and visitors alike.

The town of Fryeburg is also located within Oxford County with a population of just over 2,000 residents. Fryeburg is known for its small-town charm and historic sites such as the Fryeburg Fairgrounds which hosts an annual fair each year attracting thousands of visitors from all over the region. Additionally, Fryeburg offers plenty of outdoor activities including canoeing, kayaking and fishing on the Saco River.

Finally, there’s Paris which has a population of around 1,500 people nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains. Paris offers several recreational opportunities such as swimming at Kezar Lake or biking along scenic trails throughout town. Additionally, Paris has several antique shops that are popular among visitors looking to find rare collectibles or furniture pieces from days gone by.

All in all, Oxford County provides plenty of cities and towns to explore all offering their own unique experiences.

Airports in Oxford County, Maine

According to Countryaah, Oxford County, Maine is home to several airports that offer a variety of services for both locals and visitors alike. The largest airport in the county is Norway-Oxford Airport which is located just outside of Norway and has been serving the community since 1976. Norway-Oxford Airport offers services such as aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, charter flights and air taxi services. Additionally, the airport has a 3,000-foot runway and modern facilities making it an ideal destination for both private and commercial flights.

In addition to Norway-Oxford Airport, Oxford County also has several smaller airports throughout the region. The Bethel Regional Airport is located near Bethel and offers a variety of services such as air taxi service, aircraft maintenance and flight instruction. Additionally, the airport boasts a 2,700-foot runway making it suitable for small aircrafts such as single engine airplanes.

Fryeburg also has its own municipal airport known as Fryeburg Municipal Airport which serves as a hub for recreational pilots who are looking to explore the White Mountain area. The Fryeburg Municipal Airport features a 2,500-foot runway with modern facilities including an onsite restaurant that serves up delicious meals for hungry travelers. Additionally, Fryeburg Municipal Airport provides several services such as aircraft maintenance and flight instruction making it an ideal destination for those looking to learn how to fly or brush up on their flying skills.

Finally, Paris also has its own small airstrip located near Kezar Lake which features a 1,600-foot runway suitable for smaller planes such as ultralights or gliders. This airstrip offers scenic views of Kezar Lake from above and provides plenty of opportunities for recreational pilots to explore the area from above. All in all, Oxford County provides plenty of options when it comes to airports making it possible for locals and visitors alike to easily get around.