Physical Activity in Pregnancy Requires Care

The physical activity for the pregnancy should be light and relaxing and can be done daily, but always respecting the limitations of the woman. The best physical activities for pregnancy include walking, water aerobics; swimming; yoga; exercise bike and stretching exercises.

These types of exercises help you control weight gain, does not harm the knees and improve the cardiovascular system, being beneficial for the mother and for the baby. Here’s a good example of physical exercise that can be performed in pregnancy in: Workout of walking for pregnant women.

However any physical activity, provided that it is well targeted can be performed during pregnancy, always respecting the limits of the woman and her physical ability, and who has practiced physical activity before pregnancy have more options of activities that the woman who was sendentária and that just started doing exercises after they learned of the pregnancy.

Physical Activity in Pregnancy Requires Care 1

In cases where the pregnant woman is doing some physical activity, and displays at least one of these warning signs should immediately stop the exercise and consult your obstetrician to find out if you can continue doing physical activity in pregnancy. In addition, if the pregnant woman has any of the diseases referred to in the second image, the physical activity is not totally prohibited, but can be restricted. Therefore, in these cases, it is also important to consult the obstetrician.

Risks of high-intensity workouts during pregnancy

Intense workouts should be avoided during pregnancy because they can impair fetal development. Physical activity during pregnancy brings many benefits, but in the case of athletes it is necessary to decrease the rate to not adversely affect the health of the baby.

In women who are athletes and have a more intense workout is normal not to have menstruation and so pregnancy can be discovered after a few months of pregnancy. In this case, so that the athlete know that you are pregnant it is important to inform the coach so that the workouts are appropriate because of the excess physical activity can encourage labor before the scheduled date. After the birth of the baby it is also important to measure well the workouts so that they do not adversely affect the production of breast milk.

Physical Activity in Pregnancy Requires Care 2

The woman can do physical activity in early pregnancy?

Physical activity can be practiced from the beginning of pregnancy provided that it is guided by a physical trainer and if the lesson is especially directed to pregnant women. However, it is recommended to talk with your doctor before starting any physical activity, because there are some contraindications of exercises during pregnancy, which include pregnancy of twins and the risk of premature birth, for example.

Despite this, when the physical activity is performed correctly during the pregnancy, while respecting the limitations of the woman, it brings more benefits than harm, both for the mother and for the baby.

Physical Activity in Pregnancy Requires Care 3