Physical Activity in Winter: Benefits of Exercising in the Cold Days

It is only the temperatures begin to fall that comes from that will instant if you shrink under the duvet, watch a good movie and eating treats calorie. But the chill cannot be an excuse for sedentary lifestyles prevail. On the contrary! Practicing physical activity in the winter has several advantages. Check out some reasons to abandon the pajamas and wear the clothes to work out.

Physical Activity in Winter Benefits of Exercising in the Cold Days 1

Advantages of exercising in the winter

Maintains body temperature

In cold weather, the body needs to move around to keep the temperature stable in that the tendency is for the metabolism to become slower. A good option is to invest in aerobic activities that provide a greater caloric expenditure and improve the physical fitness.

Prepares the body for the summer

The summer is arriving that the gyms are crowded, but this is an attitude well mistaken. As, on average, the body takes three months to feel the results of training, the training needs to start already in the winter.

Maintains the physical fitness

When you can no longer train in the winter, all the benefits of the senses of the months that you have been exercising on a regular basis are quickly lost, as the strength, muscle tone and performance. The effect is quickly felt in the back.

Favors the practice of intense activities

The strong heat makes it unpleasant activities are very intense or outdoors. Take the chance to bet in these exercises on colder days. Just be careful to choose clothing and accessories appropriate to the temperature.

Physical Activity in Winter Benefits of Exercising in the Cold Days 2

How to have a practice exercise now in the winter?

Even the couple of all the benefits that exercising in the coldest time of the year provides, it is not even easy to face the winter. Some attitudes can help you in the challenge. Check out:

Get organized: Put in your weekly schedule and set a goal easily accomplished. To arrange the times and define this practice as part of their routine mandatory, it is easier to keep the focus.

Set up a company, to Overcome the laziness together can be more easy. For this, combine with a friend to lively and that has focus. The incentive mutual will certainly make the task easier in the days of ice cream.

Choose the best time: As the temperatures are lower during the early morning and in the evening, those of you who have a schedule flexible can work-out during the warm of the day. In some cases, will give up to feel a warm feeling inside.

Test new activities: A new challenge may be what is missing for you to quit under the blanket. Take the time to try out a new sport! In addition to being good for the body, you can do a lot of good for your emotional health. Just remember to consult with a professional prior to make sure that the chosen activity is recommended for you!

Prepare the playlist: Everything with music is more pleasant, isn’t it? For this, prepare that playlist well animated and move around.

Physical Activity in Winter Benefits of Exercising in the Cold Days 3

Extra care for the practice of activities in the winter

  • In winter, the temptation to attack dishes caloric grows as it falls to the ambient temperature. Nothing to use this excuse to get out of the diet! There is a healthy meals balanced and varied, rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • It is not because we feel less thirsty during the winter that the water consumption must fall. The need of the body remains the same and, therefore, keep hydrated. Another good tip is to apply saline solution in the eyes and in the nostrils, to avoid dryness.
  • If you are exercising, it is essential to do warm-up exercises before training to avoid injuries, which are more common in the cold. Don’t let still do the stretching before and after physical activity.
  • The choice of clothing is also important. Avoid the use of many coats so as to not cause overheating of the body. Opt for lightweight fabrics and warm clothing that can be easily taken away, if you feel the heat.