Prefer Foods That Give You Energy for the Running Events

To run the disposal, it is essential that the power supply is made in accordance with the increased need for energy of the body before the effort. When the body has the nutrients needed to maintain its proper functioning, the performance during the raceincreases significantly.

Prefer Foods That Give You Energy for the Running Events 1

“The best way to ensure an adequate diet to your body type is with professional guidance, a time that proof of the race is an intense exercise that needs preparation and physical conditioning, adequate,” says fitness coach Leonardo Lima, technical director at Running Health Sports Consulting, in São Paulo. To help in the careful preparation to run, My Life called professionals able to talk about the subject. Check out what they recommend.

Keep a routine of food

According to Leonardo Lima, the most important thing is not to change eating habits on the day of the test. Keep your diet as it was in the last days. Be careful, especially with the coffee in the morning. “It is common for amateur athletes exagerarem and suffering of stomach problems during the race,” warns the fitness coach. For this reason, keep a constant power and does not make big modifications on the big day.

Carbohydrates give you chop

According to the nutritionist Flávia Morais, coordinator of the department of nutrition network the Green World, the majority of the athletes must maintain the focus of the food in carbohydrates. “Between the various functions of these nutrients, which deserves mention for the sportsmen is the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is considered the energy currency of the body”, explains the nutritionist.

In addition, the carbs keep glycogen levels adequate. This substance, which is stored in the liver and muscles, is an important source of energy. During exercise, the glycogen stores are burned, and, if they are not available, the performance during the race slows down and there may be damage to the health of the athlete.

According to the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, the amount of carbohydrate to be consumed daily should be around 65% of the total calories of the diet. Must be made five to six meals a day, and in all of them, it is necessary that there is a source of carbohydrate.

Include in your menu: fresh fruit, potato, sweet potato, cassava, yam, brown rice, wheat pasta, granola, honey, jellies, fruit, oats, and vegetables.

Prefer Foods That Give You Energy for the Running Events 2

On the day of the test

For consumption before evidence of long distance (10 miles or more), opt for carbs low to moderate glycemic index, that is, those that require minor release of insulin to be metabolized. “They are taken slowly into the bloodstream, providing energy steadily”, explains the nutritionist Flávia Morais.

Examples of foods with glycemic index low: orange, bean, lentil, peanut, tree nuts, wheat pasta, oatmeal, corn, yams and sweet potatoes.

Test the power supply

All feeding strategy should be tested in practice before the main event. In this way, the athlete will know how your body reacts to food intake and sports performance is adequate.

What to eat during the race

According to the nutritionist Flávia Morais, should be prioritised food sources of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index during the workout. “The recommendation is to consume between 30 and 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour of training,” says the professional.

The most practical way to reset the carbohydrate during the race is drinking fluids that have carbohydrates in their composition, such as isotonic drinks. These drinks should be taken in thermos bottles suitable for the practice of the race. “There are also supplements of carbohydrates of a high glycemic index in the form of a gel, to be consumed quickly during the workout,” says the nutritionist.

Prefer Foods That Give You Energy for the Running Events 3

Reset the net after the race

Drink fluids immediately after the race, preferably water and sports drinks. Only after you may be consumed natural juices, which help to replenish the carbohydrate used. But nothing reset carb soda, a beverage that does not present many nutrients.

What to eat after the race

At the time of eating, it is important to replenish glycogen stores in muscle, or whether, to eat foods that provide glucose. For this, options with a high glycemic index are best. The nutritionist Flavia gives a hint: “it’s A good idea to include in the meal post-workout fruit salad with organic honey, to aid in the replenishment of muscle glycogen”. It is also not recommended to eat sweets after the race. It is common to have the urge of devouring a sweet immediately after the race, but prefer to eat food that is really nutritious and with less amount of fats and calories.