Review Of Cutlery Trekker Of The Cheetah

In this review, we’ll talk about the SET of CUTLERY TREKKER, the Cheetah.

The tests were done by Luiza, FuiAcampar team, during a 15-day trip to the coast of Paraná. The goal was to get compact materials, since the trip was made with only a backpack without the comfort and facilities that a road trip offers. For meals, in addition to cutlery, we use the Squeeze Foldable Compact (Cup)and the Multipurpose Folding Compact Pot (plate and pot) , both of the Cheetah.

The general impression is that they are very practical.Occupy little space and have the normal functionality of the cutlery.

Grants below more details and impressions on other aspects:


Size: The size is great! When folded, it can be placed in a small Pack of 7 cm X 11 cm when open, are a bit smaller than normal cutlery.

Weight of set: The weight is equivalent to other cutlery. Just spoon, for being a little thicker than usual, weighs a little more, but not enough to make much difference in the overall weight of the set that is 116 g.

Resistance: Extremely sturdy appearance. Are made from 420J2 stainless steel, which may not mean much for the layman, but we realized we are strong. Not wanting I could bend them.

The thickness of the spoon is a little above normal.

Cleaning: There is a fissure, where the silverware fits when it is closed. This space is quite narrow, which can make your cleaning. We didn’t get to check this problem, but it is clear that, especially on the knife, there is a place that if you becomes dirty, greasy, or sand, can be bad to clean.


Knife: Slightly smaller and narrower than a common knife, but it doesn’t change your functionality. The saw is relatively small, but quite sharp. The knife has no end.

Spoon: Functionality as a regular spoon. Along with the spoon, there is a bottle opener. It is relatively hard to pull the can opener out, but not that it’s a defect, even for the sake of security.

Fork: The fork is the only tool that leaves a little to be desired, since in addition to narrower than usual, and with only 3 teeth, he practically has no curvature. This means that the food falls more easily to him. To eat grains, such as rice, for example is a little more difficult than it would be with a fork “traditional”. But, despite these characteristics, you can use normally or replace by spoon, depending on the type of food. After all, camping is not local to tags – it’s the law of practicality. Along with the fork, there is a can opener. Just like the bottle opener, it is relatively hard to be pulled out.

Evaluation and Information

Positive Point: Takes up little space when closed and is very practical and sturdy.

Negative points: The fork has only 3 teeth and can be difficult to clean the fissure where the silverware fits when it is closed.

Recommendation of use: Basically, in any kind of camp or travel! Are practical enough for any occasion.

Average price: R$ 29.00

Manufacturer: Product imported from China.

Product data

Spoon + bottle opener
Fork + can opener

420J2 stainless steel;
Aluminum-alloy cable;
Carrying case in nylon;
Weight: 116 g

Like sleeping bags, this product was provided by Mark Cheetah, but is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.