Tips to Resume a Training Routine After the Holidays

For the vast majority of people, the holidays are synonymous with relaxation and time to run away from the commitments of day-to-day. And that goes for the food ordered and to the training routine. When the play ends, however, comes the guilt and the difficulty to resume the pace of the physical exercises.

Tips to Resume a Training Routine After the Holidays

How to get back to the routine of workouts at the gym

August has arrived, it is time to say goodbye to the holidays and resume physical activity. It is not always easy to go back to the rhythm, because the body loses the conditioning, strength, endurance and flexibility even with only a few days of rest.

It is common to still realize that who you train with regularly has a greater tendency to gain weight during the holidays. This happens because these people have the metabolism is accelerated because of the sport. In the period of rest, the metabolism slows down and the excess of calories is transformed into fat.

But don’t despair. By following a few tips, it is possible to return with quiet shape and pace of the workouts.

Go with calm

Before anything, you need to keep in mind that it doesn’t help to recover the lost time all at once. Go with calm. Speed up and get heavy will only cause injury and fatigue. The trick is to use smaller loads and do more reps.

Take care of the power

How do we know that it is normal to open the hand of the balanced diet you are on holiday, it is important to resume a balanced menu at least a week before returning to training. Avoid excess sugar, salt and alcohol.

For muscle hypertrophy

For those who want to gain lean muscle mass, here is a hint: muscle cells does not decrease in the period in which you are left with no train. So, after a few days of return, the muscles regain strength and conditioning.


Before you start each activity, and stretch well to avoid injury.

Listen to your body

Even if you have a training routine in the home, where does cardio exercises, the tip is the same: respect your pace. Each person will feel an evolution different. Bet on a functional training lighter.

Tip for the whole year

Sleep well. This moment of rest of mind and body is essential for recovery. In addition, remember to drink plenty of water.

Nothing frustrations

Let the focus on results of the side in the beginning. The most important thing is to recover the pace. As it is common to feel more unmotivated to resume the workout, it is important to use resources that enhance the mood. Prepare a playlist, animated, train in a different location and call someone to follow-up are great ideas. And nothing to use gadgets that evaluate the performance in this period.

With these tips, it will be much easier to get back to the rhythm of the workouts. But do not forget: especially after getting a downtime, it is essential to seek a doctor for an assessment and count with the help of a physical education professional. Good return!